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Data, Voice & Video

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Data, Voice & Video

Our services typically include:

  • Complete network assessments, design, configuration and implementation
  • Design and implementation of both wired and wireless applications
  • Network security using both software and hardware appliance solutions
  • Network monitoring and surveillance services
  • Remote access solutions for technical, educational and administrative uses
  • ASP platform solutions to provide optimum hardware and software utilization
  • Data Backup and Recovery strategies to best protect the client’s business
  • Training and education for ongoing customer management and progress monitoring of their prospective business

We also offer a wide range of next generation communications consulting services in the area of voice over IP (VoIP) communications, session controllers, signaling, disaster recovery planning, voice over IP training, and next generation phone systems. ISS’s extensive experience in IP telephony comes from working directly in the forefront of the industry. Our mission is to provide you an objective, independent, and professional perspective. However, we work closely with all the major OEM vendors including Nortel, RadVision, Avaya, Cisco, and 3Com. ISS works closely with vendors and the various standards group in the following areas:

  • Access Transport
  • Switches and Routers
  • Structured Cabling and Wiring
  • NAT and Firewall
  • KSU and PBX Phone Systems
  • Voice Mail
  • VoIP Media Gateway

Videoconferencing and Streaming Media Services

ISS offers a wide range of videoconferencing and streaming media services. Our staff includes several Certified Videoconferencing Engineers (CVEs), web content developers, media conversion technicians, and conference management personnel.

We provide procurement and installation services for end station equipment, multi-point conference units (MCUs), and gateways. We also provide conference management and support services.

Whether you are looking for a communications solution for stand alone meeting room videoconferencing, or integrated voice, video and data at the desktop, ISS has the solution for you. We provide all of the elements for seamless and easy-to-use multimedia communications in your organization – from scheduling to management tools to gatekeepers and MCUs supporting today’s ISDN and H.323 networks as well as tomorrow’s SIP and 3G platforms.

ISS’s infrastructure consulting portfolio can help you select the right elements from an array of new technologies and deploy them to your greatest advantage. Our technical expertise extends from the core of your IT infrastructure to its edge, encompassing moving, storing, and delivering information where and when it is needed.

With our 20+ year track record of success and in-depth knowledge of complex, multi-vendor advanced networks that include WANs, LANs, remote access, and convergence -we can help you help ensure maximum availability, performance, and reliability of the IT infrastructure your business depends on.