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Tailored IT Training

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Tailored IT Training

Significant attributes of the training provided by ISS include measurable evaluation criteria and methods, practice labs, and quality training materials often used for subsequent reference.

Training Courses

ISS offers a number of training courses to meet a wide range of customer needs. Courses may be provided for technical and non-technical, or management and non-management personnel. Standard, customized, and specialized courses are provided.

Specialized Courses

We specialize in Telecommunications Legacy and Transitional Technology training courses. We utilize a number of legacy components such as Datakit VCS, AISwitch, and LUCENT ATM/Frame Relay switches to simulate real-world environments.

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Standard Courses

By maintaining an awareness of both current and emerging technologies, ISS develops and offers courses demanded by a wide range of customers. Using a number of available software and hardware components, customer environments are simulated and “real-world” lab exercises are provided.

Customized Courses

In addition to the standard courses offered by ISS, customized courses may be developed to meet specific customer requirements. This training may be provided at ISS’s headquarters training facility or at desired customer locations. Whether at ISS or at the customer site, ISS provides the software and hardware components necessary to simulate customer environments and perform meaningful lab exercises. The course content and lab exercises are aimed at meeting specific customer-defined objectives.

Training Course Delivery Methods

ISS offers flexible course delivery methods which include instructor-led training, multimedia presentations, and web-based training (WBT).

Instructor-Led Training. ISS has conscientiously assembled a staff of highly-qualified instructors. With over 60 years of combined experience in prominent desktop software, course development and delivery, and certifications from industry leaders (e.g., Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Polycom, Microsoft), this core group provides the foundation for comprehensive customer training programs. However, in today’s marketplace, both the competition and scope are global. In order to meet these broadened geographical demands, ISS uses its core group of senior training specialists to identify and evaluate supplemental personnel in other geographical locations who meet the company’s stringent criteria for course development and classroom instruction. This allows ad hoc deployment of qualified personnel to provide immediate responses to a wide range of geographically-dispersed customer training needs.

E-Learning. ISS also offers custom tailored web-based training. Educate and re-skill large numbers of widely dispersed employees on products, systems, technologies, local ordinance interpretation, state and national legislation, and more. ISS provides tailored training that is easy to use and includes everything you need for online learning, personnel performance assessment, with live responses from a “virtual instructor”… For over a decade, ISS has specialized in enterprise training tailored to desired skill levels specified by our customers. In realizing our customer’s need to control rising training costs and their need for just-in-time training, we provide a complete e-Learning solution along with all services associated with learning management systems (LMS).

Immediate advantages of e-Learning include:

  • Cost and Time Savings
  • Cross-Platform Training Access (Windows, UNIX, or Macintosh workstations)
  • Widely Available Internet Access and Inexpensive Distribution
  • Convenient and Flexible User Pace
  • Ease of Update and Document Control

We’ve created an environment and process allowing rapid development of new content and speedy conversion of existing courseware.